Tuesday, August 28, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things (on my face)

*insert inappropriate jokes*
Alright got that out of my system so on to my favorite and will forever use facial cleansing items.
All Clinique.

Mild Liquid Face Wash, I love this stuff, never drys out my skin helps it feel soft and lasts forever, I usually have to buy it once a year.
You don't need very much because it lathers really well, i use about 2 pumps.

Mild Clarifying Lotion, doesn't really burn or make my skin react harshly to it, so I prefer this over astringents. it gets used a bit faster with it being an open mouth to a cotton pad usually so it takes about 3-6 months before I have to replace it, but I actually haven't yet and need to.

The dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion, is the most fantastic thing  I own of these. I haven't replaced the first one I have gotten in years, one pump maayyybbee two is all it takes to spread ion your face and neck
(I use the dot method and then spread) and your skin feels so soft and smooth. It has never clogged my pores or had any outrageous effects on my face and that is why I always use it and will always recommend it to anyone looking for a good face lotion. 

Some other favorites :
Lush Sea Salt , a fantabulous scrub whenever my face needs one this is what I use(If I have it) 
Lush Eau Roma Toner, a nice, refreshing toner I used in the past and I really enjoyed it, if not only for the smell and refreshing feeling.
Yes to carrots C the difference Seems they don't offer this any longer and that is sad. I have two Jars from a Yes to Carrots Party that my friend had gotten to throw and I really loved the mask. I am sad it is gone. It doesn't irritate and comes off pretty easily. The Size of the product though is a small hole in a big can. 
Yes to Carrots Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes  i've only used these once because they are pretty expensive (Usually use store brands, ELF brand, or F21 love & Beauty) but boy they are refreshing. I have a weakness for cucumbers anyway so that may be why I show my love for this product. Removes well enough (but I don't wear a lot of make up regardless) and just feels nice. 

I may add more choices later but these are the first to come to mid.

Next will probably be my Second Pink Wednesday and then another installment of These are a few of my favorite things (on my head).

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