Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Favorite Manicure Items!

 I may not have perfected the manicure but I have my favorite tools and so here they are!
Left to right, up and down
My Nail Polish remover, I always use acetone but its terribly drying.
Nail Tees are a wonderful discovery at Sally's Beauty Supply perfect for people like me who still get polish every where. 
Cotton Puffs! Oh lord these are the best cotton puffs I have come across! They were recommended to me by a nail polish obsessed friend and I will Never look back!
They come from Daiso, if you ever find one of these magical $1.50 stores I strongly encourage you to go inside.
They are available in California and Washington.
Now my cuticle oil, I got in a set with a buffing block and lotion, was a nice set and all.
I put the oil on a cotton swab and rub on my nails, let it sit for a little bit and rub it off with the other end. Sometimes I rub a little rubbing alcohol for a bit of a dehydrating effect but not really.
Nail cutters, any will do. I swear I'm constantly losing these so I try to keep it in the same place as the other tools.
The small silver is the end of my dotting tool that broke off so i need to glue it on -_-; works well for eyes and the like. 
The brushes I use for detail work the left one bent, easy for some details and my small brush I usually use. 
My Cuticle pusher/scraper. I adore it works like a charm. 
Scotch tape for stripes, nail "stickers" and the like, Always very useful!
More brushes! Havent used them yet but they are lovely.  
Tweezers usually used for jewels and glitter placement, also gotten at Daiso, they have the cutest stuff I swear!
Lush Potion Lotion. A lovely lotion from a lovely company
It was discontinued when I had bought it years ago but it seems they brought it back again and I super urge you to get some of your own, the smell is wonderful and feels great, it can be a little greasy but I found since my cuticle area gets so dry I need that little bit extra and its lasted me so long!
And lastly my cute file! It has penguins from Christmas and those are my favorite animals. Wenk. 

Picture of my Daiso puffs Box
you get two boxes together and they are very lovely. 
I use them for my cucumber pads as well. Very nice for tired eyes. A tut from Michele Phan I saw
Make cucumber Juice, soak pads in juice, squeeze out excess and put flat in a ziplock baggie (not overlapping) and freeze , let thaw before use (about 10-30 minutes) and keep on eyes for 10.  Feels lovely and keeps those pesky dark circles away. Plus I think cucumber smells fantastic! (can't stand to eat it though)

See you next time!

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