Monday, August 27, 2012

Review! WalMart Masks Freeman Pomegranate

I actually used this one a while ago and never wrote it...until now!
I did this one with my roommate and it was okay. I guess I'm not a fan of the peel-off since it was pretty annoying to remove but I know i'm impatient and messy enough already without having to do a peel that makes me feel like I'm removing skin (and some vellus hair with it) from a sunburn. My skin felt fine after the fact, clean and smooth, but my skin rarely reacts to much except for salicylic acid and some really greasy foods. Otherwise I'm just a little red in the face. 
My skin is combination with dry patches so I try to get moisturizing masks as often as I allow myself, but I don't continually do treatments since I do not have the need. So to me this treatment wasn't worth the pain, but it was a $1.37 at Walmart so I'm not hurting financially over it, I have a couple more peel off and mud's to try so I'll see if the fruit used has any difference, but I doubt it. 
My roommate liked it though, it didn't have a high adverse affect that I could see and she said she enjoyed the process of taking the mask off and the little hair it removed. Dries clear(hence the look of peeling skin as well) and if you over apply in places it can take even longer to dry and make the peeling process even more of a pain. I know I avoided my hair but the mask still ended up in my hair and felt like glue stuck in it. I don't remember it being very tight on my face but I was aware when it was mostly dry.
If you enjoy peeling masks I say go for it! No points marked off for it beauty potency, I just hated peeling the mask off. Give me a Wash Cloth and water any day!
3/5 pts

next post: These are a few of my favorite things! (on my face)
See you soon!

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