Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pink Wednesday numero uno!

Finally painted my nails, I was disheartened when my nail broke pretty far down so i didn't feel like painting them for a while. Then they got worse and it kicked my butt into gear,and being (now) Wednesday, I did my  first pink Wednesday!
I love doing multiple colors so grey and pink seemed perfect, i used Wet N Wild Coloricon Diamond in the Rough, it was sheer so I used China Glaze elephant walk underneath. The Pink is L'oreal Paris Pink shells 222. it took about two coats and it's very pretty. 
I'm soon to be trying homemade recipes on health and beauty supplies and giving the rundown.
Pinterest is my new best friend. My fiance bought me mason jars and i'm excited to make remedies to store in them. Seriously Mason Jars are the best thing ever. Storage, cups, DIY crafts lights whatever you fancy!
All right reviews to come! 
stay  frosty. 

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