Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beemo , Batman, Marceline/Marshall Lee + more!

since the Dark Knight Rises is approaching I decided that Batman themed nails are appropriate this week. 

I couldn't find tape or anything to help me french tip so its free handed. My stash is very disorganized. 

But here are my nails:

So the Yellow is
China Glaze Solar Power, it was the most opaque yellow I had.
Black is Sinful Colors Black on Black its the most opaque black I have ever seen :D
and the Grey is my new China Glaze Elephant walk from the Safari collection(pictured). 
It was the perfect grey for Batman and I'm so glad it caught my eye. 
My Basecoat this time was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and Top Coat was Seche Vite. 
Which I didn't like at first but I really do now, it really evens out your polish and drys pretty quickly.


I finished my design for Beemo and almost have the colors right. It needs some Tweaking
that picture makes it look pretty bad and I will updating it shortly, but I have most colors picked out!
So Beemos Body is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise(Neon) about 2-3 coats will do.
beemos screen is OPI (POTC) Mermaids Tears.
Any Black will do for the outline and plugs
I used China Glaze solar powered for the d-pad
I wanted to use but couldn't find OPI Big apple red but its China Glaze poinsettia which is not a great color over any other color.
I used China Glaze Kinetic Candy for the top triangle button but you can't see it here which is very disappointing and Sinful Colors Irish Green for the other button which is not at all opaque.
So I need a good blue and Green for Beemo and then its done.

Marceline The Vampire Queen /
Marshall Lee
Marceline was crooked on my own finger but on others it would be fine. My finger is crooked so it makes it difficult to keep things straight.
The colors are OPI Big Apple Red
OPI (POTC) Skull & Glossbones
and my thumbs were China Glaze Ruby Pumps just for fun
I didnt take care in doing the plaid and stripes like I should have but I did it a couple of times and got tired. 


Marceline, Marshall lee, Fiona and Finn
the Left is the original design without a skin tone polish since my skin tone matches Fin and Fiona 
The next is when i added China Glaze Kalahari Kiss from the Safari collection.
I saw it as a skin tone immediately and nabbed it (last one out)
I added it to the new design so you can do it either way and here my skin rec. 
Fiona's hair is a yellow/neon from hot topic. 

Bubble Lumps
I did prince gumball wrong and need to redesign and I want bubble gum lower so you can get her crown fully. 
The LSP's were easy peasy and the expression from before, I plan to do a color wheel with just her expressions though xD

Princess Bubblegum is Hair : Wet n Wild Megalast Candy-licious/rose bonbon
and her skin is OPI Steady as she rose with China Glaze Champange Bubbles as the crown with a random yellow neon from Hot Topic. 

Well theres my color choices and designs! see ya next week~!!

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