Tuesday, July 24, 2012

love letters

So I was super excited to try the Newspaper print nails when I had found we had some newspaper around, so I got my rubbing alcohol and set to try it out with the Cute Polish youtube tut.
dip finger in rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds, place newsprint face down like a temporary tattoo on your nails for about 15-20 seconds too long and the paper sticks too soon and it's very light which is a nice look too. I think faded is a cool look. But even if you get paper on it clear coats cover it up but you need two or 3 since the paper bumps through a bit.
I used
Gelous Basecoat
 OPI Steady as She Rose
New York Times Newspaper
OPI Big Apple Red
China Glaze White on white for my horrible letter xD
Sinful Colors Black on Black
China Glaze fast Drying top coat

I loved my tiny uber hearts and my roommate took to doing it on her nails too. 
(Shes trying not to have terrible,bitten onychophagy nails any longer, looks so unprofessional )

I think my next designs will revolve around video games and maybe some cute summer themes.
I really want to do strawberries >w<

Ta ta for now!

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