Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Batman villains! Nail Wheel art!

Working on some Batman designs and love how they came out . Even the weird black and white one. 
Sooo here they are!!

So top left:
 Mr freeze, Harvey Dent/Two Face, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and a weird Batman drawing.
Using China Glaze White on White, Kalahari Kiss, Solar Powered
OPI Ogre the top blue, Big apple red
Sinful colors Black on Black 
Wet N Wild Mega Last Candy-licious/Rose Bonbon

Top right:
Joker acid flower in yellow and pink
His suits both with different colored flowers. I need the coat line to be somewhere between what those both are. and then a purple I tested for it. 
China Glaze Solar powered, Holly-day
Wet N Wild Candy-licious/Rose Bonbon, Sage in the City
Sinful colors Black on Black, Amethyst

joker Face, Penguin iconic items, Umbrella, Penguins Face, and the Riddler
OPI Big Apple Red
China Glaze White on White, Kalahari Kiss, Solar Powered, Trendsetter
Sinful colors Black on Black, Amethyst, Irish green

Little mini tut! Joker Jacket
Easy peasy! for the joker jacket I painted Sage in the city, about two coats, then add purple leaving a green triangle for his shirt (which can also be orange if you prefer I use the animated series for reference), Add a cute little bow on top for his neck. I then use black to add lines for his lapel and buttons. Then pink or yellow for his acid flower. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

its been Tooo looonngg: Germany, DIsney, and a rainbow!

Been awhile since I've posted but fear not! I am here. 
I've been quite distracted by Borderlands 2 (working on a nail design for that), I was also planning one for pirate day games are my weakness I swear! I may post one later anyway.
BUT! I do have some new polish I tried and some that I still need to try. 
and I did my FMIL(future-mother-in-law) hair. So with the lovely tip I got, I treated myself to new make up!
I also got six new shadows for .40 cents each at Sallys for their end of the month half off the clearance sale.
I also got a cute little package of a winter nail strip. Has lovely snow flakes on them. 

I tried some Ombre nails and did the rainbow.
red nail is
Sinful Colors Forget now
China Glaze Poinsettia
OPI Bigg apple Red

Orange/yellow nail is
China Glaze Solar powered
and Breakin
sinful colors cloud 9

Green nail is
wet n wild Sage in the city
China Glaze Holly Day
Sinful colors Last Chance

Blue Nail is
China Glaze aquadelic 
OPI Ogre the top blue

Purple/violet nail is
China Glaze Gothic Lolita
Sinful colors Amethyst

Germany collection
OPI Berlin there done that
I got a new one and I love the neutrality of it
a nice tanish beige but a hint of grey

ELF and Disney have released three night/day palette and I was able to get my hands on two of them!
I got the beautiful Maleficent and the fairest of them all (second only to one) Evil Queen!

I'll post the looks on myself soon and see if I looks as beautiful as these Disney Legends.
BTW have you heard about Disney Villains Designer Collection?
I WISH WISH WIIISSHH I could afford one doll. $75 though. OUCH. 
they are beautiful though and a lovely revamp.
I found more here:

More soon! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mani of the week, Make Up Practice and fun!

So my manis this week were
Sinful colors: savage and Black on Black. 
I find Savage to be a good substitute (but not nearly as good) as OPI FLY

Then a new ELF Python Nail Polish. 
Its a dark green with a light green glitter. Looked black to someone today -_- but they told me I'm the only they liked black on :D 

Then I've been watching Make up tutorials and tried to do a cute glittery blue fairy make up look I was considering for a rave. 

my eyes get so red from make up cause i was messing and redoing a lot @-@
my Shadow up close

The lighting isn't great -_-;

Stila one step make up in Fair
ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder  in Ivory
Benefit Dallas for blush cheek depth
ELF Eye Primer
Project Runway Limited Edition Eye shadow Charming Cockatoos Gaze (bottom left color)
Rimmel London (my fav make up brand) Glam Eyes in Royal Blue for the dark blue lids and white shimmer on the brow bone .
Covergirl Perfect Point Plus in Midnight Blue eyeliner
Maybelline Great Lashes Totally Teal limited edition Mascara
I had a brown in my Makeup pallete from school I used to define my eyebrows and some light brown powder for definition in my eyes and nose. 

Jordana 49 Sexy Mauve Lip Liner
NYC 305 ruby
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 632 Peacock

Overall it was a fun look to create and adore the tuts by Promise Tamang Phan
Annndddd Andreas Choice! check em out if you get a chance!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Xbox Controller Nails:Tutorial!

Tutorial Time!
One of my favorite past times in gaming. Especially on my Xbox 360. (User= Welldweller)
So I decided to show my love by designing some nail art!
So first you need your colors:

A Matte Coat is needed for this tutorial, Then a Grey, Black, Yellow, red, Blue, Green, and White.
(Don't forget the Base Coat!)
and a detail brush!
There are five designs to choose from !
So lets get started.
Paint your five colors Which is Grey(China Glaze Elephant walk), Yellow(China Glaze Solar Powered),
 Red (OPI Big Apple Red), Blue (OPI Ogre the top Blue), White First (China Glaze White on White), and Then my green was very sheer neon over it (Sinful colors Irish Green).
Then a coat or two of Matte Top Coat. (OPI Matte Envy).
Paint a green kind of roundish x over the grey, and to simulate the player lights I painted the green lines around with spaces in between. Then I used white for the letters first and then!
Paint over them with the colors! It lets them stand out even more. 
No Top coat is needed since you need the effect.
and thats it! 
Pretty easy and shows off your gamer love!
I hope to rock these soon!
I also assume they'll look more even on smaller nails rather than a nail wheel. 
I'll post the results !

Mani of the week: Oktoberfest!

I did a little shopping today and I caved and got OPI It's always Oktoberfest In the Germany collection. I mean...I'm German so I have to get at least one right?
So Basecoat, Color and I bought another bottle of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. Still my favorite fast drying for regular ol' nails. NOT NAIL ART it smears!
On my nails:
it is such a beauteous purple I adore it!.... but its more red in artificial light. 
I also got a new Venique and OPI Matte envy. 
It works very well and I hope to do some neat Matte art with it. I read reviews that it has formaldehyde in it so left too long on your natural nail and it will stain yellow. The Venique is Deviant Little sneaker and is a sheer black with Glitter. SO i'll probably wear it over another color. 
I need to remember to get more gelous soon toooo <3
I also bought some more sinful colors and found a good color close to Lumpy Space Princess. Its called Amethyst and it looks like a cheap match to my OPI Planks a lot Which is fabulous! I hope to find more cheap versions of my Adventure Time Nail colors for people on a budget. (I mean good close colors)
I also got the lovely blue called Savage.
And some more nail wheels! Lets see what designs I can cook up!
See you next time! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Review! Freeman Pineapple mask

Smeelllss sooo goood!
If you love pineapple you'll love this!
It didn't seem like it had a lot in the package but it was more than plenty to cover neck and face. (it was a little gobbed on for me).
So you have a nice clean face and put on the product like so:
It's pretty yellowish but it looks clear in the photo. 
oh and I'm using velcro rollers to keep my bangs back, a neat trick my friend taught me.
so Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with Warm Water and Voila!
Clean face!
It had a nice tingling sensation, not too strong but kind of like when you use astringent. SO it didn't hurt which is awesome and my face feels very smooth and soft. I was quite happy and will most likely purchase the full size. 
lovely and you don't have to wait for it to dry just 10 minutes! Great for morning pick me up or a relaxing night. 5/5 pts!
Love it!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tutorial! Left 4 Dead Med pack nail! Bonus! Peelz!

So if you know me at all you'd know that Left 4 Dead/2 is my favorite game ever. period.
There are close runner ups (fallout, Bioshock, Star Wars) but I can play Left 4 Dead over and over. I buy all the DLC and have even cosplayed as a character :D
(image not mine)
So the finished Nail on a Nail wheel:
No top coat just the design.

So lets get the tutorial started! 
Heres what you will need:
White , red, black, base coat, top coat and some nail art brushes!
I used a long detail brush on my nails and on the wheel I used a flat brush and detail.
so after putting on a base coat, paint your nail white. 
I used China Glaze White on White 
Then take the detailed brush with black polish and make three lines two vertical and one horizontal to simulate the zippers on the med pack
I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and I didn't line around the nail just as a straight line.
Then Taking the detailed brush make a red cross and fill the top in red except for a rectangle that you can add black marks to make it seem like it says first aid or leave blank. 
I used OPI Big Apple Red.
Then you can top coat which should even it out. 
I used Seche Vite which is the best for nail art. 

and thats it! Easy peasy!
you can clean around the nail with a cotton swab or nail tees
There's also the water trick/shower trick where if you soak you hand in water you can peel the excess off very easily. There is also the Vaseline/ lotion trick where you put that around your nails first but I don't like it to get on my brushes. 

Bonus Round!

(image not mine)

Nail Wheel Peelz

Base coat, white, yellow, blue, red, gray, black and top coat. Detail brush as well.

So after Base coat another coat of white
China Glaze White on white
then the Yellow  in the shape of the yellow on the label. Kinda like a wave.
i also did it in a box ike a label instead of over the whole nail.
I used China Glaze Solar Power.
then Blue leaving a space for the red in the lablel.
I used OPI Ogre the Top blue
then fill in the red.
I used OPI Big apple red
Then i added a bit of gray for the label on the side, cant see it much but its like an "ingredients" list.
I used China Glaze Elephant Walk
and black on the other side for a barcode and some dotting on the yellow for words. Sinful colors black on black
Then white dotting on the blue label for words and the warning white line on the bottom.
Then top coat and clean up!
(Seche Vite)

Yes first Tutorials done! I hope to have more to come soon! 

Review! Freeman Cucumber Peel

So this is a bit of a downer because I LOVE Cucumber (except to eat) but this just made me dizzy and I broke out a little bit so I'm not sure what happened but it wasn't great, or even good. 
It smelled entirely of alcohol, which is what made me dizzy and irritable. 
I had wanted to give this as a gift to my aunt but now I don't cause of how much I disliked it. It was really just the smell since i can't say for sure it made me break out, so fix the alcohol smell in the formula and I'd probably recommend it, but until then....adieu. 

Next a tut for total realsies!