Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween post: NMBC!

One of my favorite movies EVER is Nightmare before Christmas. I love all the songs, have a ton of that juicy merch and have designed some spiffy nail art just for Halloween!
I did the main characters really.
Jack, Sally, blank that was supposed to be burlap sack oogie but.... and oogie on the moon.
Barrel, the hill, Jack, Sally
Mayor sad face, Mayor happy face, Lock, shock and barrel!

I had fun doing these!
especially sally and the mayor.  I love details. 
Barrel is lopsided but its the design that counts! 
I was thinking of pre-painting these onto fake nails and selling them? or something like that. 
I know i have NMBC fake nail stickers I can use for Halloween, I got it from Claires last year I believe. super cute. Almost dun wanna use it though xD
maybe they'll have them again this year!

next? Book themes? more halloween? Or fall? idk we'll seeeee!

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